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Cancellation policy

Courses are subject to cancellation if a minimum number of applicants is not
received 25 days prior to the course.  In this case, a full refund will be provided.

Refund for withdrawal from the course shall be in full, minus a $75 admin fee, if
received at least 6 weeks prior to the course.  If notification of withdrawal is
received after that date, the participant will not be refunded unless the position can
be filled by another applicant.  However, the participant would be able to apply
paid fee to a future course with Uro-Santé. Registration is limited to 24 participants.

Please note:

ENTRY LEVEL, DYSPAREUNIA and A/R courses include practical sessions, with internal palpation. Participants are asked to participate in these sessions, as therapist                          and as ‘patient’.



1. Courses are open to physiotherapists only

2. Early Bird prices are available for ENTRY LEVEL & DYSPAREUNIA  courses.                          Should you wish to qualify for the early bird pricing;                                                                  Payments must be received and cheques dated to two months prior to the                        start date of the course

3. NEW DISCOUNT starting in 2019!  You may qualify for a 3rd course discount.                     If you register for a 3rd Uro-Sante course, within the same 12 month                                     period, you may qualify for a refund of 25% off the regular price (of the 3rd course).       *this discount only applies to those who have paid electronically and take three   Uro-Sante courses within the same 12 month period. You will need                       to ask us if you qualify for this discount.

4. Retake option: We offer a 50% discount off the regular price to those                               who have previously taken the same course with Uro-Santé (within the last 7 years) OR the possibility of a 30% discount off the regular price to those who                have previously taken the equivalent course with another organization (within                the last 7 years).

5. The DYSPAREUNIA and  A/R  courses require you to have completed the                            ENTRY LEVEL course (female urinary incontinence, or equivalent)

6. The Paediatric 2 day course requires you to have completed the                                          A/R Ano-Rectal course.

7. The COMBO: A/R & Paediatric  4 day course requires you to have completed                       the ENTRY LEVEL course (female urinary incontinence, or equivalent)