Pelvi-perineal Re-education (Entry Level)

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The Physical Therapy Approach to Female Urinary Incontinence


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Urinary incontinence is an important woman’s health issue that has been greatly unrecognized. Statistics show that one woman in four experiences trouble with urinary incontinence. An important number of those afflicted with this condition can be much improved with the help of the physiotherapist.


Claudia Brown

Claudia Brown M. Sc. (P.T.) Marie-Josée Lord B. Sc. (P.T.)

About Us

Claudia Brown and Marie-Josée Lord have been successfully treating patients affected with pelvic floor dysfunction for more than 30 years. Having studied and worked with kinesitherapists in Europe, they started Physiotherapie Uro-Sante more than 25 years ago, a teaching company, and have trained physiotherapists across Canada in the field of pelvi-perineal re-education.

Course Objectives

  • – Understand the anatomy and role of the pelvic floor and its related structures
  • – Acquire an understanding of anatomy and physiology of micturition, as well as pertinent pathologies
  • – Acquire knowledge of the urodynamic and urologic investigation procedures, as well as medical and surgical treatments for urinary incontinence
  • – Perform an evaluation of the pelvic floor
  • – Establish and perform a physiotherapy treatment plan and its progression for incontinence
  • – Use manual and behavioural techniques, biofeedback and electrical stimulation to treat female urinary incontinence


Course schedule

Day 1, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

  • – Registration
  • – Introduction
  • – Role of the pelvic floor
  • – Anatomy of the pelvic floor and related structures
  • – Anatomy and physiology of the urinary system                  
  • – Urinary incontinence    
  • – Urologic investigation and medical treatment

Day 2, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm                                 

  • – Patient history-taking
  • – Physical examination of the pelvic floor (practical): vaginal palpation
  • – Physical examination of the pelvic floor (practical): anal palpation


Day 3, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

  • – Global approach to treatment
  • – Manual Techniques (practical)
  • – Electrical stimulation (practical)
  • – Biofeedback (practical)
  • – Exercise devices

Day 4, 8h30 am – 4:00 pm

  • – Pessaries
  • – Education, urinary diary
  • – Exercise program
  • – Case histories, discussion
  • – Test for acquisition of learning objectives




Course calendar