Sexual Health and Counselling Skills for Physiotherapists - Uro Sante

Sexual Health & Counselling Skills for Physiotherapists (live-online)
With Special Guest: Talli Rosenbaum

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course objectives - entry level Female Urinary Incontinence
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Day 1, 9:30 am – 13:30 pm (Montreal Time)

Day 2, 9:30 am – 13:30 pm (Montreal Time)

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Talli Yehuda Rosenbaum is an individual and couple therapist and is certified as a sex therapist by The American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) , as well as the Israeli Society for Sex Therapy (ISST).  She is also an AASECT certified sex therapy supervisor. She cohosts the Intimate Judaismpodcast and is co-author of the book “I am For My Beloved: A Guide to Enhanced Intimacy for Married Couples.”  and co-edited the Springer textbook entitled “The Overactive Pelvic Floor.” She has authored over 40  journal articles and several book chapters  on sexual pain disorders, sexual health, unconsummated marriage, and sexuality and Judaism and is an associate editor of the Sexual Medicine Reviews. Talli earned a Masters in Clinical Sociology and Counseling and a certificate in Mental Health Studies from the University of North Texas in Neve Yerushalayim.  She holds a bachelors degree in Physical Therapy from Northwestern University and before training in psychotherapy, treated patients as a physical therapist for 25 years.   In addition to maintaining an active private practice, Talli is the academic advisor for Yahel: The Center for Jewish Intimacy.  Talli frequently lectures both in Israel and abroad, to lay as well as professional audiences.

Talli Yehuda Rosenbaum
Individual and Couples Therapist
Certified Sex Therapist
AASECT Certified Sex Therapy Supervisor