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Physiotherapists! Develop your expertise in pelvic floor
rehabilitation with the courses below:

ENTRY LEVEL: The physiotherapy approach for female urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a problem that affects a large number of women. In fact, studies show that one woman in four will have issues with urinary incontinence at some point during her life cycle.

With the help of a physiotherapist, many of these women can greatly improve their condition. This 4-day entry level course will introduce you to the pelvic floor anatomy and assessment, and will cover the treatment approach for female urinary incontinence. Click the button below to find out more about this course.

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DYSPAREUNIA: The physiotherapy approach for dyspareunia

Dyspareunia affects 15-20% of women who experience pain with sexual intercourse.  This 3-day course will allow you to build upon your knowledge and skills in order to better treat patients with dyspareunia. Click below to learn more about this course.

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COMBO: Physiotherapy for ano-rectal disorders and physiotherapy in paediatrics

The 4 day COMBO course : Physiotherapy for Ano-Rectal Disorders (2 day course) and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy in Paediatrics (2 day course).  Participants may register for either or both courses, providing the pre-requisites have been met.  Click the button below to learn more about this course.

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Due to events related to the Coronavirus,

we have suspended TWO our courses for a period of time that has yet to be determined. 

We regret this inconvenience and encourage you to visit our COURSE CALENDAR page regularly

in order to follow the updates as these courses become available. 

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We offer five courses that deal with different pathologies related to the pelvic floor. To get started in this field, we recommend signing up for our  ‘ENTRY LEVEL’ course, which provides in-depth coverage of the pelvic floor and related structures and focuses on the physiotherapy approach to female urinary incontinence. After this first course, you can then deepen your expertise in pelvic floor physiotherapy with our advanced courses on dyspareunia, male urinary incontinence, ano-rectal disorders (and more). We also invite special guests to share their expertise on specific topics in an extra course each year.

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Since 1994, Uro-Santé has been offering courses for physiotherapists wanting to develop an expertise in pelvic floor physiotherapy. These courses will allow you to treat female urinary incontinence, dyspareunia, male urinary incontinence, ano-rectal disorders and other pelvic floor disorders using physiotherapy techniques.

Discover how to treat pelvic floor disorders, using physiotherapy skills that you already possess!

We are passionate about pelvic floor physiotherapy, and have extensive experience, both in the clinic and as instructors. Our teaching style is very practical and organised, and enables you to begin treating patients immediately. Please follow the links to know more about the courses we offer.